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Wood Blinds

Canmore Blinds | Cochrane Blinds
Wood Blinds in Canmore - Cochrane, AB
  • usually come with fewer ladders to support the slats vs. faux wood blinds

  • the narrower the slat the bulkier the stack (because more slats are needed to cover the window)

  • wand or cord tilt available (you can choose the side depending on the width of the blinds)

  • remote tilt available (battery operated)
    much lighter to lift than faux wood blinds (for daily lifting)

  • complete the warm and cozy look of many wood trim finishes and hardwood or slate floors

  • inside/outside mount

  • anchor-ready for outside mounts

  • humidity resistant but less than faux wood blinds

  • a wide variety of colors and textures to choose from

  • 2-2 1/2 inch wide slats with or without rout holes (for privacy)

  • cloth tape& cordless options

  • come with crown valances (usually 3, some as 5 inch. wide) to finish nicely the headrail and the mounting brackets

  • wood blinds also available as:  wood vertical blinds (both room and street side look the same – wood)

Real Wood Blinds

Real Wood Blinds - routless example (no through holes for the lift cord) - better light control and privacy.

Real Wood Blinds

A picture of real wood blinds with standard rout holes through the wood slats - lift cords running through.

Real Wood Blinds

Close Up: Custom wood blinds - real wood - custom finish to match room decor.

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