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Solar / Roller Shades

Canmore Blinds | Cochrane Blinds
Roller Shades in Canmore - Cochrane, AB
  • inside/ outside mount

  • option for anchors for outside mounts

  • work perfectly as sun & UV blocking shades as well as privacy 

  • shades weave openness from 14 to 1%

  • chain operated or spring-loaded as a cordless option

  • as an inside mount – not as tight to the window frame as other shades

  • optional PVC valances or cassettes 

  • form minimal bulk when rolled up at the top

  • the light gap between the roller and the top window frame widens as the shade material unrolls (for inside mounts - no valance)

  • heat-blocking properties with a view

Roller Shades

Roller shade with a PVC valance at the top to cover the open roller, hardware and light gaps.

Roller Shade with A Cassette Valance

A close up - Roller Shade with a cassette valance and a chain loop control. Also available as cordless.

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